Saturn LS Parts & Accessories

Saturn LS It's more spacious, it's a machine designed for comfort and did I mention its bigger? The new midsize offering of Saturn, the Saturn LS combines European inclination to design and Saturn's unique and innovative styling and engineering. In a simple manner way of speaking, Saturn's edginess and the mere fact that they have the tendency to wander away from the thinking of its parent company, General Motors, provide quirkiness and a surprise that may just impress a lot of consumers.

Born from the clamor to provide a larger sedan than its compact S series, Saturn offers the LS to feed this hunger and came out with a vehicle that may have surpassed all expectations. Side by side with the demand for a larger capacity sedan and wagon, Saturn badly needed a booster shot in the arm to induce enthusiasm in their line-ups. Many Saturn enthusiasts had no choice but to go to other brands because Saturn simply doesn't offer mid-size sedans to fulfill these demands. But now, with the L series well on its way, the LS may as well be the one thing they have been asking for and more. Saturn has been facing quite a challenge to come up with a mid-size sedan that can compete with the well established Japanese imports that have been top sellers for quite a while, but it looks like the LS is well up to the task.

Released in 1999 as a 2000 model, the LS is loosely based on the Opel Vectra platform. It turned out to be a clever choice because Saturn chose one of Opel's finer vehicles on which to base the mid-size Saturn. This decision has transformed into a sprightly four-door sedan. The LS is a vehicle that is going to raise the level of what will be expected from Saturn in its prospects. The LS is the base trim while upgrading may lead to the LS1 and the bigger and stronger LS2. The LS1 sports a 2.2-liter four-cylinder engine which delivers 137 horsepower.

Saturn has always been very committed in providing good value to their cars as well as a pleasant shopping experience. They believe that if you give them a fantastic car that's well worth their hard earned money and you treat them well, they will patronage your product. It may seem quite a bit unusual that some people are so enamored with their vehicles, but come to think of it, your vehicle takes care of you everyday and you need reliability. That is why proper maintenance and good quality Saturn LS parts to keep in fantastic shape. Parts Train is here to provide you good quality Saturn LS replacement parts that are guaranteed to be of precise fit, a Saturn LS part that is not only of high grade but also ensured to work perfectly for years and years.