Saturn L300 Parts & Accessories

Saturn L300 Spacious, perky and economical, these are attributes which typify the Saturn L300. This sedan provides a practical drive that gives worth to every cent paid for it an ideal vehicle for the no-nonsense straight forward person who wants a vehicle to work for him day in and day out hassle-free. The Saturn L300 provides medium range luxury for a base price that is affordable for the average person. Relax, sit back and enjoy, because the Saturn L300 provides a comfortable drive and enough features to let you have a fantastic ride without the burdening mortgage.

The L300 was part of the L series Saturn released in 1999 as a 2000 model. This is a huge release after the much smaller compact S series. The L300 wasn't the original name for the top L series sedan but was known as the LW3, but after only a year, a name change was done because it resembled too much the coding for the smaller S series. The L300 is the top trim for the L Series, it had a bigger V6 engine and has an automatic transmission, no manual transmission option was provided. The L300 perked interests due to its practical innovations, the. Dent-resistant composite-plastic side panels are one of the few.

By 2004, Saturn simplified its L series line up by calling all the trims and models of sedans and wagons as L300, irregardless of the engine choice. Base sedans and wagons utilizes a 2.2-liter/140-horse Ecotec four, while mid- and up-level models sport a 3.0-liter/182-horse DOHC V-6. Base L300s are equipped with a four-speed automatic gearbox. Also the once optional features are now standard even for the base trim. Also the wagon of the L series is now known as a L300. If you cant bear the thought of driving an SUV around but you still need to lug people and haul stuff around this might just be it for you. T has a capacious cabin and enough power to do the job efficiently. The L300 wagon is offered with either a four-cylinder engine that now produces 140 hp up from 135 hp of the previous years, or a much powerful 182-hp, 3.0-liter V-6. Saturn has eradicated the five-speed manual transmission, so all L300s have a four-speed automatic. All trim levels are now fitted with ABS, side curtain air bags, traction control, a tilt steering wheel, heated power mirrors, and cruise control.

For 2005, which may well be its final year of production, Saturn dropped all the lower trims of the L300 as well as its wagon. Only one trim is left and only the V6 engine is utilized. All past options now come standard to further entice many car bargain hunters. Ultimately, the Saturn L300 may go out with a bang.