Saturn L200 Parts & Accessories

Saturn L200 When you think of a midsize sedan that offers economical values. You think of the Saturn L200. They are loaded with features and accessories considering the price tag which is as low as they have. The L200 is second from the base model, the L100, so it has more features in it. But all the essence of a Saturn is still enfolded. It has simplistic styling and is devoid of all the doodads that has no particular use at all. True value to the dollar is provided for the L200 and you will have no regrets at all with this car.

Introduced in 1999 as a 2000 model, along with the others in the Saturn L series, the L200 got its name in the preceding model, known originally as the LS2. Name changes were made because the smaller series Saturns, the S series were labeled as such with only the S being the differentiating factor. This was done to avoid confusion with the buyers. The L200 come with a 2.2 L four cylinder engine and either a 5-speed standard shift Transmission or a 4-speed automatic, providing ample power for the burst of speed needed for the drive. It doesn't run like a race car because its not. The L200 is designed for simple everyday use. Practicality is the keyword. Some of the options for the L200 at the start was a leather interior, 6-way power driver's seat, anti-lock brakes and traction control.

The L200 is a car for the person who is looking for an inexpensive mid-sized family sedan that is low on maintenance and very reliable. No one buys this car to attract unwavering attention. People who decide on purchasing this vehicle are looking for a conservative, care-free, economical transportation machine that will get them from point A to point B, with a minimum of fuss. The L200 is very roomy and has enough cargo space. The seats are comfortable and could comfortably seat five. The low mileage is also worth all the while, and you might just not get over the practicality. Because at the end of the day to day rat race, all you may want is a reliable ride that may safely and comfortably get you home.

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