Saturn L100 Parts & Accessories

Saturn L100 If you're eyeing a practical sedan which is very affordable, the L100 by Saturn may just very well be the right one for you. Saturn has packaged this car to be very sensible and practical. Standard features are provided and all the comfort of a good midsize sedan is present. It doesn't scream elegance nor sophistication because its destiny is not geared towards that. It's a people mover that screams economy.

The Saturn L100 is part of the celebrated Saturn L series which debuted in 2000. It's a midsize series of sedans and wagons that is a crucial follow up to their highly successful compact cars the S series. They are provided to real Saturn size features and accessories that are truly worth every penny. The L100 exudes simplicity, comfort, economy and performance. Dent-resistant composite-plastic side panels for example are one of the more practical innovations Saturn has instilled in the L100.

The Saturn L100 is the base trim of these practical sedans. It offers standard facets but is loaded on sensibility and convenience. A 135-horsepower 2.2-liter four-cylinder engine is what drives the L100, the four-cylinder engine can be ordered with a five-speed manual or four-speed automatic transmission, and you have the option that may very well add the convenience. The Opel Vectra, a car from one of GM's subsidiaries, is the source of the design and structure of the L100. But there's no mistaking the L100 for any other vehicle but as a Saturn. The engineers made sure that it would be mistaken.

On the road, the Saturn L100 is hardly sluggish. It provides an impressive ride which at the least is at par with the rest of the other vehicles in its segment. It has a rigid body which provides a good driving impression. The L100 is very competent on the hard turns as quick as it can get. Steering is very responsive and cornering is very stable and flat. Braking is very respectable and an antilock safety package is an option. The L100 gives good acceleration; it can boost you from a complete rest and lead a pack. The Saturn L100 is an exceptionally mainstream vehicle for the typical family or working person, it has good quality and very reasonable pricing. Embodying Saturn's vision of providing value and never short changing their clients, the L100 is the deliverer of these monumental benefits to the mid-size level automobile segment.