Saturn Ion-1 Parts & Accessories

Compact. Sporty. And powerful. These are the best words to describe Saturn Ion-1. With its release in the year 2003, Saturn gave the public one of the remarkable cars in the auto industry. Saturn is among the brand names of vehicles produced by the General Motors Corporation, the company known as the largest manufacturer of automobiles in the world. Saturn was formed in 1990, and the vehicles released under its name initiated a great change in the GM, as they were remarkable for their Japanese-inspired style.

Saturn's debut products were the S-series, compact cars which employed a platform that was very much different from the GM. It lasted for more than ten years before being replaced by the Saturn Ion in 2003. Ion was larger than the S series in many respects — longer, taller, and wider — and shared the same platform employed in the GM Delta. The increase in its dimensions was a welcome sight, as it offered more passenger and trunk space. Ion was made available in sedan and coupe, and the 2003 model was equipped with a DOHC Ecotec I4 engine that was capable of producing 140 hp.

Three different Ion models were introduced in 2005 — the Ion 2, Ion 3, and the Red Line. The base model became the Saturn Ion-1, which then received an innovation, with its height adjusted and with new fabrics employed. It also featured larger grill opening and the incorporation of a special type of steel in its construction. Today, the Saturn Ion-1 is among the compact known for its agility and power. Having an edge over many of the other compact cars in terms of its size and dimensions, the Ion-1 is actually capable of accommodating more passengers and cargos, compact as it is. Though small, it is in no way inferior in quality and performance. And with the traffic growing in the road each day, the compact size of the Ion-1 is actually an advantage.

A Saturn Ion-1 is a truly rewarding investment, something that you can use on a daily basis to help you in performing your everyday activities. And when on the road, it's something that you can rely on to get you going, something to enjoy both for its practical benefits and the fun that a high performance drive will give.

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