The Saturn Corporation was founded in 1985 as a subsidiary of General Motors as a response to the success of Japanese imported cars in the US market. They branded themselves as "different kind of car company", and often functioned independent from the rest of General Motors' operations. They had their own factory in Tennessee, unique models, and an independent retailer network. First released in 1990, Saturn's cars sold very well; however, they fell short of the high projected rates. It also cost more to produce than the Japanese cars they were made to compete with. However, its high quality Saturn parts, smart designs specializing in sedans and good quality automobiles did gather a loyal following and win a few awards. In the late 2000s, GM faced restructuring and opted to sell the brand to focus on their other brands. Negotiations were entered with Penske Automotive Group but these fell through and GM announced that the brand would be shut down in 2009. It's an unfortunate end for what was once a promising automobile brand. However, with the success it achieved, it could be considered a good run in itself.

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