Saab 99 Parts & Accessories

The Saab 99 had a taste of fame and success from 1969 until 1984. It is the fruit of the “Gudmund” Project which aimed to come up with a new and bigger auto as replacement for the Saab 96. The Saab 99 is introduced to the whole world in Stockholm on November 22, 1967 as designed by Sixten Sason. Four body styles were offered, a two-door coupe, three door hatchback, four door sedan and five door hatchback. The models come along with 1.5 L Slant-4 I4, 1.7 L Slant-4 I4 and 1.9 L B I4. The Saab 99 has its own unique design. It is actually a Saab 96 cut lengthwise and widened by about 20 cm. The end product is then called as the Paddan or toad because of its appearance. The first power source used is the four cylinder in-line engine with a capacity of 87 hp DIN at 5500 rpm. The forward hinged hood is matched with a wrap-around windshield. Saab 99 models produced for the American market is equipped with a different set of head lights. Two round head lights took the place of the single rectangular light components used for other non American makes. Saab 99 took the place of the Saab 96 but it retained some of its features such as the free wheel transmission but it was later on removed as the 1.85L engine was used. 184 was the year when the last Saab 99 was produced. Little changes were done so the over all features of the first made Saab 99 was still evident. On the whole, 588, 643 Saab 99 units were produced. Saab 99 parts and accessories are one of the stylish add-ons that you can add to your car especially is you want to have a classic look and style for your car. You can visit us here at Partstrain if you want to purchase. You can place your orders through our online catalog or better yet, you can call our hotline. Our friendly customer staff is readily available to be of service not only in answering all your queries but also in helping you to choose the best product for your car.