Saab 96 Parts & Accessories

The Saab 96 is a classic car produced in the 1960s. It is equipped with a three cylinder two stroke power train with a capacity of 841cc and 38 hp. Many users and buyers were satisfied by the over all performance and style of the car which paved way to more demands. All in all, 50, 000 Saab 96 units were produced which brought prestige and recognition for Saab as one of the makers of top rated autos. Saab 96 replaced the Saab 93 but several of its features were adopted as shown by the retained front style. The rear however, was considerably changed all along with the extra big rear screen, spacious back seat and baggage compartment. Add in the modified fuel tank and stylish rear lights and the car is really a stand-out from its predecessor. Saab 96 models produced for 1967 used the new four stroke four cylinder engine in place of the three cylinder two stroke power train. The four stroke engine was supposedly for the front wheel drive Ford Taurus 12M but it was not adopted. The V4 engine can boost a power capacity of 65hp at 4,700 rpm and maximum cruising speed of 140kph. Nevertheless, it is not much of a success but the two stroke engine that followed proved to be an instant success. The last Saab 96 rolled off its production plant in January 11, 1980. Next in line is the Saab 99 followed by the Saab 900. The once “hard to find” parts for Saab 96 is now made easier to locate through Partstrain. Our store is a top rated source of premium quality Saab 96 parts and accessories for replacement, restoration, modification, repair and other purposes. Take time to browse our complete list of products. Nonetheless, make sure that you know the exact specs and configurations of your car before buying any product to ensure that your car can really use it.