Saab 900 Parts & Accessories

Saab 900 The Swedish carmaker Saab has been in American soil since the late 1950's, although they have produced cars for so long in America they have not been recognized as truly a major player in the auto industry. Not until they issued the Saab 900. The Saab 900 debuted in 1978 as a 1979 model, from then on; mainstream buyers have taken the Saab as a serious contender. Sales took an upward direction throughout the '80s, as the 900's extraordinary styling and turbo power plants made them an unusual alternative to the typically demure offerings from other European cars. The original 900 had a long fruitful production run for nearly 15 years until it was finally booted out by an all-new redesigned version in 1994. By 1999 the 900 was replaced by the 9-3

The release of the Saab 900 marked the culmination of the most ambitious development ever undertaken by Saab. The 900 stretched the concept created by its predecessor, the Saab 99. A concept that wanted a new car design that was innovative. The Saab 900 was longer by 8.4 inches and had a complete redesign from the front seats forward. In its release, Saab released marketing introductory which stated that the then all new Saab 900 is "The new look of performance". In its heyday, it certainly was, the 900 was the sleekest and biggest Saab passenger car and it took quite an attention.

Inj its initial production the Saab 900 was offered in a number of trims. There was a three door GLi, EMS and a 900 turbo variant, then there was the five door 900 GLE and a Turbo variant. Different front grilles showed and determined the high-spec variation from the low. Power came from two choices; a 110hp engine and a naturally aspirated 135 hp turbo charged engine. All came standard with a manual transmission while an automatic transmission was optional except for the Turbo variants. From then on, Saab would include minor changes on the exterior and the interior which continually upgrade the 900. Engines became bigger and faster and more luxurious accessories and features would be added. The Saab would constantly get an upgrading to keep interests. By 1994 though, many would remember this as the year the 900 was completely redesigned from head to toe. A five-door hatchback variant was included this year, as well as the turbo powered 900 convertibles. They included the wood instrument panel fascia as a standard feature among others. From then on the 900 lived to ride again, until 1999 where it was renamed the Saab 9-3 and once again completely redesigned.