Saab 9-5 Parts & Accessories

Saab 9-5 Saab's love affair with big sedans started in 1985 when they presented the 9000. It has gained much acclaims, by 1999 a completely redesigned 9000 was introduced as the 9-5 to perk up interests. The 9-5 was a completely new model but still possessed the 9000's distinctive lines. The 9-5 introduced new facets like replacing the roomy five-door hatchback design with a more traditional four-door sedan arrangement, a wagon was also introduced a year after. Engine offerings continued to be turbocharged, whether it was a 2.3-liter four-cylinder or 3.0-liter V6. With superior brand awareness among luxury car shoppers, the 9-5 was placed in rivalry with the likes of BMW's 5 Series, Lexus ES 300 and the Audi's A6. The following year after its introduction, the Saab 9-5 released a wagon version. The new 9-5 Wagon, only the second Saabs wagon, had its international premier on the Paris Auto Show in September of 1998. The Wagon was developed a long side the 9-5 Sedan but Saab decided to delay its sale start. So it is not a 9-5 with wagon stamped on to it as many people may decipher. Saab had wagon in mind all throughout the development process. Of course, new Saabs always offer some interesting innovations. Case in point, plugs on steel tracks, which you can anchor your cargo to; in fact these steel tracks with its plugs are so strong so you can lift the whole weight of the car in them. The 9-5 wagon was not meant to be a big loader it is meant to be a sports wagon with an aerodynamic body and sporty design. Each trim of the 9-5 is provided with it own distinctive engine. The Linear is powered by a 185-horsepower, turbocharged 2.3-liter inline four-cylinder, while the Arc uses a higher-boost version of the same engine that produces 220 hp. The performance-oriented Aero gets an even higher-output version with a rating of 250 hp. All 9-5s come standard with a five-speed manual transmission, while a five-speed automatic is optional.

Marketed with a turbo power source and the rough, sporty look, the 9-5 is more comfortable on highway driving than traversing twisty canyon sides. With its strong reputation for safety, unique styling and abundant features, the 9-5 competes favorably with the other class, but what jumps out of the picture is its segment leading crash safety rates, after all, safety still is the point at the end of the day.