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The Saab Company is a Swedish car maker that's known for prioritizing safety over all. In fact, their safety features have led their cars' interiors to resemble airplane cockpits more than the conventional car layout. However, it's these features that make them unique and marketable to unique people. Each car they produce undergoes a moose test. This test measures a car's performance in avoiding or colliding with a moose, which are very common in Sweden. These animals are involved in many dangerous vehicle accidents, and Saab's made it a priority to keep their vehicles safe in the event of a crash. There are lots of Saab parts that have been developed for added safety, such as active head restraints that minimize the risk of whiplash and neck injury during sudden stops or collisions.

Saab's parent company was established in 1937 as "Svenska Aeroplan AB", a company that produced aircraft for the Swedish army to defend its neutrality in the buildup to World War II. They later expanded into building automobiles and they retained most of their aircraft designers for their cars, leading to the airplane-style look of the interiors. In 1989, the Saab car division was separated from the parent company and made into an independent corporation. General Motors owned 50% of company shares at this point, and they bought out the remaining half in the year 2000. Under GM, they were able to release many models of cars, but when GM ran into financial problems, they considered closing down the brand. The Netherlands-based company Spyker was the one to purchase the company in 2010.

Owning a Saab car is indeed a great experience. The brand might not be as well-known as others, but you can be sure of their quality, performance, and above all, safety. To maintain this high standard of safety, though, you need to perform regular checks and maintenance on your car. Any defective parts must be replaced immediately. If you're looking for Saab parts that are as safe as the factory ones, then you won't have to look any further. Parts train has all the stuff you need to get your car up and running again. Our products are made by top auto parts makers all over the world and they conform to Saab's very high safety and performance standards. You can be sure of a perfect fit and excellent performance on all Saab accessories and parts.

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