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POrsche Cayenne

To go with the flow without losing its distinctness and uniqueness is one of the aims of companies that deal with car makes, auto parts and accessories. Change is the only constant thing in this world and that is a fact we can't change. The same principle is also applied in the world of cars which can be obviously seen on the continuous enhancements done by auto companies on their makes and models. However in the midst of the changes is the unchanging distinctness of the car which stands for its individuality. What is seen by the naked eye are improved or enhanced features but the distinct "feel and control" possessed by other car makes produced by the same company is always there. It can be likened to a situation in which someone you love fades away but the presence is still there, lingering, felt and experienced.

Porsche is one of the car makers known for their capacity to imbibe the latest changes on their auto models to go with the demands of the time without losing their distinctness and individuality. Porsche Cayenne is one of living proof endowed with such brilliance. Porsche Cayenne is a sports utility vehicle packed with enhancements over their years of existence in the industry to preserve the top rated performance, dynamic power and responsive handling. Under the muscular hood is the turbocharged V8 engine constructed with sturdy valves and two camshafts matched with its own cylinder. Power boost is 420 Newton-meters or 310 lb-ft between 2500 and 5500 rpm of torque and 250 kW (340 BHP) at 6000 rpm of maximum output.

Notable for the gear is the manual shifting features which can be done by easily flicking the selector lever. It is included in Porsche new innovations meant to prevent the difficulties encountered in gear shifting especially on rough off-road applications. Tough roads and tracks can be faced with ease through Porsche Cayenne's Porsche Traction Management system which include the new series of four-wheel drives which can balance the capacity of the engine to match the power boost required. In the midst of these changes is the constant top rated performance, dynamic power and responsive handling distinct to Porsche Cayenne.