Porsche 944 Parts & Accessories

In the 1980s, Porsche was desperately in need of a car that would replace the once popular Porsche 924, and one that can regain the popularity that the 924 once had. The answer came to be the Porsche 944. And while the car was sold along with the Porsche 924 for some years, the Porsche 944 would eventually replace the 924 and carry the Porsche name throughout the 1980s.

The Porsche 944 was first unveiled to the general public in 1981 in the Frankfurt Auto Show but actual production and sales of the car started only for the 1983 model year. The car was basically and improved and updated Porsche 924 Turbo, with a lot of innovation made especially on the bodywork, engines and various other body parts. Upon introduction, the base engine was a 2.5-liter straight-4 rated at 143 hp, and was actually based on one half of the Porsche 928's V8 engine. Interior features and amenities were basically the same as the Porsche 924's.

The first actual redesign made to the 944 was given mid-year of 1985, whence it was given a new interior and a few bodywork changes like improved rear suspension and new control arms. In 1986, the Porsche 944 Turbo (internally known as the Porsche 951) was introduced, featuring a turbocharged version of the base engine that outputs 220 bhp of power. The Porsche 944 S was introduced a year after, which features the series' first 16-valve engine. In 1988, another model, called the 944 Turbo S, was introduced, and this time, power would reach the 250 bhp mark.

Yet another redesign in 1989 gave birth to the Porsche 944 Series 2, commonly known as the Porsche 944 S2. It looks basically the same as the earlier Porsche 944 Turbo but was now equipped with a larger engine, a 3.0-liter straight-4 rated at 208 hp. The S2 would be the last Porsche 944 and was sold through the 1991 model year. Porsche was supposed to introduce a car called the Porsche 944 S3 after the 1991 model year, but the company eventually opted to call the new car as the Porsche 968 because of the substantial difference it has over the 944.

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