Porsche 930 Parts & Accessories

The production of Porsche 930 in the market from 1975 through 1989 made a significant mark in the automotive history. It was the first car to ever use turbocharging. The 930 was based from the 911 but the design of the Porsche 930 was much special. It carries a single turbocharged and air-cooled flat-six cylinder 3.0 and 3.3 liter engine that is capable of delivering 234 horsepower and 246 lb-ft torque. It also features a modified suspension, fender flares and a whaletail. The Porsche 930 was indeed a fast powerful vehicle but also very demanding.

In 1978, the 930 was enhanced and equipped with 3.3 liters engine and air to air intercooler. The Porsche 930 was however discontinued in 1989 and replaced by the 964 in 1991 with the same but modified version of the 3.3 liter and 5 speed transmission engine. Porsche 930 is indeed one of the timeless Porsche models to ever enter the market. Many have enjoyed and benefited from the power and performance that the 930 offers.

Its interior is even ergonomically designed to allow riders to enjoy a comfortable and stress-free ride. Drivers also have a better view of the road to facilitate better maneuvering. In addition, every component from the brakes, fuel system and exhaust system down to the wheel bearings, axles and air filters are carefully crafted to give the vehicle better performance and the driver's better handling. For years, several aftermarket part manufacturers modified the 930s performance and body construction.

However, its parts are bound to deteriorate sooner or later. Rust, dirt, water and other contaminants will eventually wear out the parts. When this happens you will experience engine stalls, poor running, overheating and other mechanical problems. To avoid such problems it is vital that you secure replacement as soon as possible. Do not delay the job as it could only cause you greater stress and expense. Remember that the Porsche 930 is one of the elegant and ageless classic cars that you can own so preserve it properly.

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