Porsche 924 Parts & Accessories

It was the only Porsche car that could have not been a Porsche but a car with another brand. But when it eventually became a Porsche, the Porsche 924 created some noise. It became popular and actually saved Porsche from eventual financial crisis. And it continued to be popular until such time that its style would no longer appeal to the sporty car buyer. And thus, just like any other once popular car, the life of the Porsche 924 ended.

The Porsche 924 was a 2-door, 2+2 seater sports coupe manufactured by Porsche AG of Germany. Interestingly, the car was not supposed to be a Porsche but an Audi. Volkswagen's Audi division commissioned Porsche to design a sports coupe for the company. At the time when Porsche was finished with most of the body chassis and powertrain elements of the car, Audi suddenly lost its interest over the design. With Porsche needing a sports coupe that would replace its problematic Porsche 914, Porsche decided to buy the rights for the project and Audi was rather enthusiastic in selling it to Porsche. The only condition given by Audi was that the new car must be fitted with the Audi straight-four engine and that the car be manufactured on its Neckarsulm factory.

And thus the Porsche 924 was born. Actual production and sales started in 1976 and the Porsche became the first Porsche model with a water-cooled, front mounted engine running on a rear-wheel drive chassis. It was an entry-level car that replaced the 914 and officially marked the end of the 912. The car became successful; so successful that it actually saved Porsche from bankruptcy and provided the funds needed to continue the production of the ever-popular Porsche 911.

After establishing its name as a capable entry-level car, Porsche decided to add some luxuriousness and power to the Porsche 914 so that it would appeal to a wider market. As early as 1977, different luxury package for the Porsche 914 started to appear like the Martini Edition, Limited Edition and Sebring Edition. The first move to making it a performance car was made in 1979 when Porsche introduced the Porsche 924 Turbo. This was further heightened when Porsche decided to enter it in races and introduced the Porsche 924 Carrera and various other variants in 1981. The Porsche 911 continued to be popular until 1985, after which only the Porsche 911 S was produced and the car was eventually replaced by the Porsche 944 after 1988.

The Porsche 924 was an affordable performance car that just lost its flair with time. But if you have one and want to drive it still, you can proudly do so, just be sure it is equipped with new and high quality Porsche 924 parts. Here at Parts Train, we offer each and every Pontiac 924 part that you will possibly need for the repair and restoration of such powerful car.