Porsche 912 Parts & Accessories

With the discontinuance of the Porsche 356 in 1965, Porsche was left with the Porsche 911 to sell in the market. But because the 911 was quite pricey, Porsche feared that it would lead to lost sales and profit, Porsche created the 912. Porsche 912 was the sports car sold by Porsche from 1965 to 1969. It was equipped with the same style, aerodynamics and construction as the 911.

Porsche 912 basically carries the Porsche 356s' 4 cylinder engine that delivers 64 horsepower per liter. It also features five speed racing pattern transmissions, 4 wheel disc brake, Recaro seats and 4 wheel independent suspensions. Optional components include air conditioning, halogen fog lights, three point seatbelt and back window wiper. In 1970 though production of the 912 was discontinued and replaced by the 914. It was, however, introduced again in North America in 1976 as Porsche 912E as the entry level car of Porsche after the 914 was discontinued.

With its superb engine, great ergonomics and style, 912 have been proven as one of the timeless classic vehicles. Its ageless style, solid construction and superb handling capability will enable Porsche 912 owners to enjoy the 912s power for many more years. Every component of the 912 will however deteriorate sooner or later. This is normal as all mechanical machines are subject to normal wear and tear. Before your 912s' components completely deteriorate, it is vital that you arrange for replacement at once. Putting off the job could only cause you greater expense and cause your vehicle graver damage.

You can always opt to doing the replacement yourself. But if you do not have the necessary tools and skill you better leave the job to your competent mechanic. This way you are sure that the new parts will work properly. After all, you only want the best for your most priced possession and getting the professionals to work on your car is one way of giving your Porsche the care that it deserves.

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