Pontiac Wave Parts & Accessories

The Pontiac is another division of General Motors that produces top of the line automobiles for the contemporary market. This was brand was first introduced in 1926 and until now this name creates an impact to the listener when mentioned. Pontiac has many models under its cap that have made a great impression in the world-wide market. Some of its productions include Sunfire, Solstice, Aztec, Vibe, Trans Am, Torrent, Wave and many others.

The Pontiac Wave is a subcompact car which means that its body work is smaller than a compact car but larger than a city car. This particular Pontiac model can be a 5-door or a 4-door sedan type of automobile so the customer has a choice which design he's like better. The term Pontiac Wave that refers to this car is only used in Canada and United States. In other countries it is referred to as Daewoo Kalos, Chevrolet Kalos, Chevrolet Aveo or Suzuki Swift.

Even by its looks you will see that the Wave is a fun car to behold. With its size it looks very easy to handle and maneuver even in traffic areas. If you want to cruise around the city or zip along the country side this car will surely give one of a kind experience. Furnished with a European design of clean contours, short front side and raised roof it is a true craftsman's masterpiece. With this car you can say that looks can really be deceiving because by just looking at it you will think that it has a cramped interior but once you get inside you will be awed by its spaciousness. Fixed with reclining bucket seats you'll be all set for long road trips. There's enough cargo space where you can put all kinds of luggage, large or small.

The excellent features of the Pontiac Wave do not only stop there. When it comes to performance, this subcompact car will not disappoint you. Start up your fun with its 1.6L 103 hp engine. Equipped with a 5-speed manual transmission and an optional 4-speed transmission make shifting seem like a piece of cake.

In this day and age of competitive rat race, you can use some serious fun through the Pontiac Wave. Hand in hand with the Pontiac Wave is Parts Train, the reliable supplier of high quality parts and accessories. With a fun car like Pontiac Wave and top notch parts at Parts Train, you'll be all set for that long fun drive.