Pontiac Torrent Parts & Accessories

The Pontiac is another brand of vehicle manufactured by General Motors that focus the production of sporty and performance cars. Pontiac cars were first sold by GM in 1926 and until now this brand is still being produced. In meeting the purpose of the Pontiac as the line of sporty vehicles, they produced the Pontiac Torrent, a sport utility vehicle or SUV. Launched at the 2005 Los Angeles auto Show and sold the same year, this SUV proves to be a very innovative car.

The Pontiac Torrents impressive form is so powerfully and athletically designed that it will really make you look closely in its direction. Featuring a lengthy wheelbase makes this car really secure when speeding down the road. Even if you look at the front, back or at its profile, every line and moldings are manifestations of true craftsmanship. Tit has a sunroof that helps gather just enough fresh air inside the car. Cool tires and durable 16" x16" aluminum wheels will carry you wherever you want to go.

You feel a big difference when you come inside this car. You'll just have to sit back and relax once you ride this car because there's no other way. With its amazing interior design, reclining rear seats and 6-way driver seat adjuster you'll be just as comfortable as if you're lying in your own comfy bed. The modern entertainment system that goes with the interior is an excellent feature for easing boredom if there's nothing else to do.

When it comes to the mechanics of the Pontiac Torrent, this car has almost the same characteristics as that of the Chevrolet Equinox which another SUV type of car. The difference lies in the exterior parts because the front and rear parts are really distinct of a Pontiac. It is an all-wheel drive with a powerful 3.4L V6 engine that is able to produce 185 horsepower and a road gripping 285 ft-lbs of torque. With a 5-speed transmission the driver will have an easy time driving especially for long-distances. With the acceleration that this car is capable of, no trip is really that long. Equipped with independent suspension system, the Torrent is very easy handle especially when driving on curves and sharp corners.

You can go anywhere you want to go, the terrain does not matter because the Pontiac Torrent can deliver the performance and capability that no other SUV can give. A great car like the Pontiac Torrent deserves an excellent maintenance regimen as well as the good stuff and parts that you can only encounter at Parts Train.