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After more than 23 years of being manufactured and sold by General Motors, the GM J-body platform is expected to finally take a bow and exit the compact car arena after 2005. The Chevrolet Cavalier has ended a year earlier, and the last car standing from the group is the Pontiac Sunfire. And while Pontiac has yet to name a car that would replace its J-body, the demise of the Pontiac Sunfire is more than just sure.

General Motors' Pontiac Motors Division introduced the Pontiac Sunfire in 1995 as a replacement to the Pontiac Sunbird. Many believe that the Pontiac Sunfire is just the same as the Pontiac Sunbird but this time with a different name. Well, in fact, the Pontiac Sunfire is but the third generation of the Pontiac's version of the J-body platform, starting with the Pontiac J2000 for its first generation and the Pontiac Sunbird for its second. But while the Pontiac Sunfire can be considered as an extension of the Sunbird, the Sunfire does offer a lot of features that were not present on its predecessor.

The Pontiac Sunfire is a compact car, the smallest American-built car. It is similar to the Chevrolet Cavalier, which was also based on the J-body platform, and whose name Chevrolet has used for all generations of its J-body car. But while the two cars are closely similar, the two differ in many interior and exterior styling details. Furthermore, while the Chevrolet Cavalier is considered as the "value-base" J-car, the Pontiac Sunfire, on the other hand, is considered the "performance-base" version. Most of the features present on the Sunfire that are non-existent on the Cavalier are aimed to accentuate the car's high performance image.

But while the Pontiac Sunfire is performance-oriented, it is surprising that it is equipped with fairly small engines. Since it was introduced in 1995, it was fitted with a variety of inline-type four-cylinder engines. For the current year, the vehicle is equipped with a 2.2 DOHC Ecotec 4-cylinder engine rated at 140 hp with 150 lb-ft torque. Current transmission is a 5-speed manual with a 4-speed automatic unit available as an option. While the car was introduced with three body styles (sedan, convertible and coupe), it is available only in coupe body style for its final year.

What probably made the Pontiac Sunfire act like a high performance car, despite being equipped with small engines, are its high quality mechanical and body parts. And to maintain its performance, one needs to equip it only with the best Pontiac Sunfire parts. Here at Parts Train, we offer a wide variety of Pontiac Sunfire repair and replacement parts that you can use each time you have to replace any auto part of your Pontiac Sunfire. Each Pontiac Sunfire you can find on our website are guaranteed to be at top condition and would function well for your car.