Pontiac Montana Parts & Accessories

The year 1926 was the dawn of a superb car known as the Pontiac. In essence, Pontiac vehicles are mid range automobiles that do not have the same luxury as the Cadillac but still are not as average as the Toyota. Pontiac vehicles have the right blend of power, efficiency, durability and style but are fit for everyone's budget. So, when you are looking for a chic, elegant and distinct car check out the Pontiac line up and you will never be disappointed with the choices.

The Pontiac Montana is one Pontiacs most trusted vehicle that was first introduced in the late 1990s. The Pontiac Montana is the company's entry in the minivan market to extend its legacy in the automotive industry. Pontiac Montana was one of the Trans Sport van produced by Pontiac in 1997. When the Trans Sport was eventually dropped in 1999, the Pontiac Montana became the only minivan sold by Pontiac in the market. The Montana offers eight seating capacity, one of the few who offers such feature and is built with a 3.4 litter V6 engine that deliver 185 horsepower with a 4 speed automatic transmission.

When the year 2003 came and people's choice in family vehicles has become more considerable, Pontiac Montana added some edge in its model. The Pontiac Montana is now equipped with an improved traction, DVD system and trims that offers both the regular and extended wheelbase. In 2005 when the public started to lean more on SUVs, Pontiac took the leap and created the Pontiac Montana SV6. This vehicle is a long-nose family car that carries additional and state-of-the-art accessories such as the front and driver air bags, power windows, superb audio system, and double sliding doors. The Pontiac Montana SV6 was furnished with either a 3.4 liter V6 or 3.5 litter inline 6 engine with four speed automatic transmission in all and front wheel.

Because of these features and power it is important that as an owner you give the attention and maintenance that the Pontiac Montana deserves. You should keep it in top condition all the time and do regular inspection to make sure that no part is damaged or worn out. But deterioration and damage is a normal process for any mechanical vehicle, hence, when some of the parts have considerably deteriorated it is important that you arrange for replacement at once. Putting off the job is not a good option and could only cause you greater expense.

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