Pontiac LeMans Parts & Accessories

Over the years, Pontiac has been able to create a good name in the automotive industry for itself. Because of its distinct and remarkable creations many people have come to love and trust Pontiac vehicles in the road. From its old models to its modern creations, Pontiac was able to deliver quality performance and impressive reputation to the market. Its power, style and driving capability has proved it worthy of being one of the finest driving machines on the road.

One of Pontiac's old yet superb models is the Pontiac Lemans. Introduced in the 1960s, the Pontiac Lemans is a compact and intermediate sized vehicle that offers sporty and luxurious trimmings. It is equipped with 215in 6 cylinder and 326in V8 engine. In the early 70s despite the downsizing of some vehicles the Pontiac Lemans and other cars were hardly affected. In 1971 bigger engines were available for the Pontiac Lemans including the 400in V8 two-barrel carburetor engine at 265 horsepower. That same year the name Lemans was used to a full status and the Tempest was dropped.

In 1972 till 1977, the Pontiac Lemans vehicles created were much larger than the earlier models. This is basically due to the changes that resulted in bigger and larger cars. The Bonneville replaced the Lemans in 1982 carrying a reduced trim line in four door models. The Bonneville lingered on until 1994 and since then production of the Lemans was withdrawn with no replacement. If you are one of the owners of the Pontiac Lemans you should extend proper care and attention to it. Despite being an old model the Pontiac Lemans offer great power and torque for thousands of miles. It is also equipped with safe and cozy interior parts and accessories to enhance driving even in poor conditions.

Wear and tear is however inevitable. When some of the parts start to deteriorate it is vital that you secure replacement at once. This way the rest of the parts that is still in good condition will not be affected. Regularly inspecting the components of the Pontiac Lemans is also recommended to keep them fully functioning at all times. Take note that delaying the job could only cause your car greater stress and your pocket greater expense.

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