Pontiac Grand Prix Parts & Accessories

While not every body knows what the "Grand Prix" really is, all must have already heard the word in one way or another. And this word would usually be associated with races—a competition of powerful and high performance car. This association is well reflected by the Pontiac Grand Prix, a car that is not only powerful and capable, but also affordable and easy on the budget.

The Pontiac Grand Prix was first introduced in 1962 as a full-size personal luxury/sport car using the same body chassis as the entry-level Pontiac Catalina. It was aimed to compete with cars like the Ford thunderbird and Chrysler 300. And while the full-size Grand Prix may seem void of elegance and exterior styling, as common to its competitors, it has lot to offer on the other aspect of luxury, and that is performance. It had easily matched its competitors in the early years, and outdone them as more and more of the Pontiac Grand Prix was sold.

There have been various generations of the Pontiac Grand Prix, and thus a variety of style, in its entire run from 1962 up to the present. This probably is the reason why the current Pontiac Grand Prix looks a lot different from the Grand Prix of 1962. From its introduction in 1962 until it get rid of the Catalina body after 1968, it must already had five to six redesigns, resulting to five generations of the car. Another generation was from 1969 to 1972, when the Grand Prix received its own body style—the GM A-body platform. With the shift to the A-body, the Pontiac Grand Prix became a mid-size car, thus creating a new market category, the intermediate personal luxury car category. The Grand Prix would stay with the same body platform until the 1981 model year, with a redesign in 1973 and 1978.

For the 1982 model year, the Pontiac Grand Prix was again redesigned, and now was standing on the G-body platform. Although an entirely different platform, it still used a rear wheel drive chassis, the same drivetrain orientation it had since it was introduced. Another redesign in 1988 downsized it to the front-wheel drive W-body platform. This same platform is where the current Pontiac Grand Prix stands, although the platform was still redesigned in 1997.

After several generations and various redesigns, one characteristic of the Pontiac Grand Prix remains, and that is its powerful performance. And there's no way you should downgrade this characteristic by equipping it with low quality parts from just any aftermarket part vendor. Here at Parts Train, we offer high quality Pontiac Grand Prix parts that are carefully selected from our various trusted Pontiac Grand Prix part manufacturers. We assure you that each and every Pontiac Grand Prix auto part you see on our website, from engines to various other mechanical and body parts, would maintain the quality of your Pontiac Grand Prix.