Pontiac Firefly Parts & Accessories

Some car buyers, especially the cash-conscious ones would consider the Pontiac Firefly as the best car one could ever have. It is priced low and is affordable to drive and maintain. While for some other car buyers, especially the performance enthusiasts, it is probably the worst car anyone could ever have. With a small and underpowered engine, it is a total surprise if the car can overtake another car. But for most North American car buyers, knowing something about the Pontiac Firefly is good enough.

The Pontiac Firefly was a small automobile manufactured by the Suzuki Motors and marketed in the US by General Motors. It was basically a re-badged Suzuki Swift, although the Pontiac Firefly offers some variation in style and in parts. Aside from the Pontiac Firefly, other cars similar to the Suzuki Swift were also sold on various markets like the Chevrolet Sprint, Geo Metro and Suzuki Forza.

The Pontiac Firefly, along with the other re-badged Suzuki Swift's, were introduced in the US and Canada in 1985. They were relatively small cars that run at a slow to moderate speed (averaging 55 hp). But while the Pontiac Firefly of Canada, and the other Suzuki Swift variants, lasted for three generations and were sold until 1999, the case was different with the units sold in the US. Only the first generation of the Pontiac Firefly was sold in the US, from 1986 to 1988, with few models of the second and third generation sold in small amounts in 1991 and 1995.

While the car was basically a Suzuki Swift, and similar to most other cars like the Chevrolet Swift and the Geo Metro, the Pontiac Firefly has some styling and design details that makes it distinct. While the Suzuki Swift was equipped with a variety of 1.0-liter and 1.3-liter engines, only the base 1.0-liter 3-cylinder engine was available to the North American Pontiac Firefly. The car was also encased in a plastic body that makes it look cheap, although this made the car lighter in weight and allowed the underpowered engine to drive it capably.

With its light weight and underpowered, but very economic, engine, the Pontiac Firefly is probably good enough for economy conscious car buyers. But if you are a performance enthusiast and want your car to run faster, then better equip your Pontiac Firefly with our high performance and high quality Pontiac Firefly parts like engine and engine parts, as well as various mechanical and body parts. And for the Pontiac Firefly owners in general, we have a lot of Pontiac Firefly repair and restoration parts that you can use every time you want to give your Firefly a check. Here at Parts Train, we assure you that each and every automotive Pontiac Firefly part we have are DOT-approved and completely safe for you and your vehicle.