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The Ford Mustang came first, and then was followed by the Chevrolet Camaro. And as the race for the best pony car began, General Motors' Pontiac Motors Division won't be caught just watching the competition. Barely five months after the Chevrolet Camaro was introduced, Pontiac came out with their own version of the pony car and called it the Pontiac Firebird. And the Pontiac Firebird offered more than the two other cars can offer the general car buyer.

The Pontiac Firebird was introduced in 1967, five months after the similar Chevrolet Camaro was introduced. And while the Pontiac Firebird used the same chassis and shared several of its parts with the Camaro, it looked entirely different because of the distinct styling given the Pontiac Firebird. The Pontiac Firebird has that European styling and feel that was not present with either of the two competing pony cars.

There were four generations of the Pontiac Firebird, just like its stable mate, the Chevrolet Camaro. The first generation of the car was offered from 1967 to 1969 and was characterized by curvy exteriors and a wide choice of I6 and V8 engines. But while the Pontiac Firebird looked better and was more equipped than its Chevrolet twin for this generation, the Camaro outsold the Firebird, mainly because the latter is a bit costlier than the former. The second generation of the Pontiac Firebird, manufactured from 1970 to 1981, sold better.

By the end of the 1970s, the style of the Pontiac Firebird was slowly getting more outdated compared to its main rival, the Ford Mustang. For this reason, the Pontiac Firebird was again given a redesign in 1982, marking the third generation of the car, which would last until 1992. The Pontiac Firebird became more similar, both in style and in mechanical design, to the Chevrolet Camaro for this generation. The fourth generation Pontiac Firebird was basically the same as the third, despite its lighter weight and more aerodynamic styling. The Pontiac Firebird would finally be dropped after the 2002 model year as the young car buyers, which were its original market, have started turning to the more futuristic import cars.

While the popularity of the Pontiac Firebird has long been lost, there is no doubt that it was one of the most attractive and versatile car ever manufactured. And such qualities stand even by the current standards. So if you have an old Pontiac Firebird stranded in your garage, why not drive it once again and make it perform just as it did before. Here at Parts Train, we offer a wide variety of high performance Pontiac Firebird parts that you can use for all your car restoration and repair needs. Every Pontiac Firebird part that our website offers were carefully selected from the various automotive parts offered to us by our trusted Pontiac Firebird auto parts manufacturers. This way, we can assure you that each and every Pontiac Firebird mechanical or body part we have are of highest quality.