Pontiac Fiero Parts & Accessories

General Motors introduced an innovative car in the 1980s and named it the Pontiac Fiero. It was innovative because it was the first, and only, 2-seater Pontiac car ever produced in the history of the Pontiac Motors Division. It was also the only mass produced car in North America with a mid-engine design. The car was indeed revolutionary, and with its affordable cost, it could have been a best seller. But car buyers had other things in mind, and the Pontiac Fiero design wasn't particularly desirable for them.

The Pontiac Fiero was a mid-engine sports car introduced in 1984 as Pontiac's entry to the 2-seater low cost consumer car market. It was the first and only mid-engine car ever manufactured in volume in North America, and the only 2-seater car ever manufactured by General Motors under the Pontiac brand. While it has found rivalry with other cars of similar design like the Toyota MR2, Mazda Miata and Fiat X1/9, all of these cars were not manufactured in the US and were rather imports from other countries.

While the Pontiac Fiero was supposed to be an innovative car, General Motors' budget for the design and manufacture of the car was extremely limited. This led the Pontiac Motor Division to undertake cost-cutting measures in the design and production of the car. Most of the parts used for the design and production of the Pontiac Fiero were borrowed from the Chevrolet Chevette and other GM cars. This probably was the reason why the Pontiac Fiero was observed to be of poor quality and was prone to many mechanical problems that would usually lead to engine fires.

Extreme cost cutting measures have also reduced the sport and high performance potential of the car. Most car buyers were disappointed with the performance of the Pontiac Fiero, which was a far cry from the performance that the company has promised and advertised. The base GM 2.5-liter I4 engine was just not enough to give the car a powerful performance, although a later 2.8-liter V6 engine seems to have answered the problem. The mid-engine design also did not favor the car, making it a bit cramped and void of comfortable interior space. These, and the many recall for design flaws that would usually end up in engine fire, caused poor sales for the Pontiac Fiero and eventually caused its demise after the 1988 model year.

While the Pontiac Fiero would not perform well with its stock parts, one can make it perform better with brand new Pontiac Fiero parts. Just be sure to be equipped with the proper Pontiac Fiero part each time you want to repair the car or replace some of its parts. You don't want to have substandard Pontiac Fiero automotive and mechanical parts with you, especially with the engine and engine parts, as it is extremely difficult to replace each and every stock part of the Pontiac Fiero (blame it on the car's design). Here at Parts Train, we guarantee you that we'll give you nothing but the best auto parts.