Pontiac Bonneville Parts & Accessories

The Pontiac Bonneville is one of the longest running car model names in the history of the Pontiac Motors Division of General Motors. The name was first used in 1957 and the name was never dropped since then until the present, although the current Pontiac Bonneville is a way lot different from the Pontiac Bonneville of 1957. And while the Pontiac Bonneville is still in production today, the early models are already considered one of the most collectible Pontiac cars of all time.

The Pontiac Motors Division first introduced the Pontiac Bonneville in 1957 as a high performance, luxury convertible. Only 630 units were manufactured in this first year, making the 1957 Pontiac Bonneville hard to find and a prized collectible today. In 1958, a coupe version of the car was introduced and later in 1959, a four-door sedan finally appeared. For the rest of the '60s and early '70s, the Pontiac Bonneville remained to be Pontiac's costliest, most luxurious and yet most successful car model, making the Pontiac Motors Division rank third in sales for most of the 1960s.

But as a car model that had existed for nearly half a century, the Pontiac Bonneville name had its ups and downs. From 1971 to 1976, the Pontiac Bonneville was replaced by the Pontiac Grand Ville as Pontiac's most luxurious and highest-priced model, although the Pontiac Bonneville was never dropped and continued to be sold second to the Grand Ville. But the Bonneville would re-appear in the top spot when it was downsized in 1977, and maintain that spot until 1981. In 1982, the full-size Pontiac Bonneville was discontinued and the name was instead used as a replacement to the smaller Pontiac LeMans. It was further downsized in 1987, but this time the name was applied to a new Pontiac front-wheel drive, upscale model car.

The current Pontiac Bonneville is a lot different from the full-size car that used the same name in 1957. The current style was the fruit of several minor restyles after the 1987 major redesign. Nonetheless, the Pontiac Bonneville continues to be Pontiac's most luxurious and highest priced car. Currently, the model is available in three trim levels: SE, SLE and GXP. Both SE and SLE trim are equipped with a 205 hp 3.8-liter V6 engine while the upscale GXP trim is equipped with a 275 hp Northstar V8 engine, the first V8 engine to be used for the model after the 1987 major redesign.

It is obvious that the Pontiac Bonneville have largely changed since it was introduced in 1957. And it follows that the Pontiac Bonneville parts that would be use for different year models of the Pontiac Bonneville would also vary. Here at Parts Train, we know what Pontiac Bonneville replacement and repair parts that your car needs and we assure you that we're going to offer you nothing but the right Pontiac Bonneville part that would fit perfectly on your car.