Pontiac Aztek Parts & Accessories

With one look at the Plymouth Aztek, only one of two things may occur to you. It is either you'll like the vehicle or you'll hate it and totally forget about it. But it's not fair to rate a vehicle simply by its exterior styling. While most people may not agree as to how it looks outside, many would agree that it has a good deal of new and innovative equipments inside, not to mention its commendable performance on the road.

General Motors introduced the Pontiac Aztek for its Pontiac vehicle line-up late in 2001, debuting in the CBS game show "Survivor". It was a multi-purpose vehicle, while most would call it a sport-utility vehicle, but Pontiac would call it as a sport-recreation vehicle (SRV) and consider the style as a new vehicle market category. Well, the vehicle is indeed distinct, with a style that appears like a cross between a hatchback and a minivan Plus various other design elements. And while some would call the exterior styling as ugly, others would call it unique and different.

If there is a varying perception of how the Pontiac Aztek looks like, the opposite is true when one asks about its interiors and amenities. The Pontiac Aztek is filled with a lot of standard interior amenities, including a well-laid set of gauges, a frenzy of control buttons, and a lot of amenities that can provide a more comfortable ride. Noteworthy equipment in the Pontiac Aztek is the optional tent and inflatable mattress on its compartment that makes the vehicle a real recreational type.

In the aspect of ride quality and performance, the Pontiac Aztek is also commendable. The vehicle, available in either Front-Wheel Drive or Versatrak All-Wheel Drive designs, is equipped with a standard 3.4-liter V6 engine coupled with a standard 4-speed automatic transmission. While this powertrain pair is definitely meager for sporty and rugged performance, nobody expects the Pontiac Aztek to perform as an off-road vehicle. And while it looks a bit large and heavy, the Pontiac Aztek drives and handles more like a sedan than a big SUV.

The Pontiac Aztek is the perfect vehicle for those who want a versatile and different one. And while there's not much that can be done with how it looks, there are things that one can do to make it perform even better, just like a real SUV. Here at Parts Train, we have a wide array of Pontiac Aztek parts from engines and engine parts to body parts and mechanical parts that can make your vehicle perform at its best. Just browse through our online catalog of parts and easily find each Pontiac Aztek part you need. And for those who have a creative idea on how to change the look of the Pontiac Aztek, we also have a variety of accessories you may want to use.