Plymouth Voyager Parts & Accessories

The Plymouth Voyager, along with Chrysler twins Dodge Caravan and Chrysler Town & Country, were considered the first modern minivan. It was actually with these three vehicles that the term minivan was coined and became a new car market category. And being one step ahead of their competitors, these vans created standards and innovations that are new to the minivan category.

The Plymouth Voyager was introduced in North America in 1984, together with company twins Chrysler Town & Country and Dodge Caravan. Prior to 1984, there existed a full size van that used the same name and was based on the Dodge Sportsman, although the said vehicle existed only for a short period of time. The Plymouth Voyager, on the other hand, was sold until 2000 and could have lasted until today if Chrysler did not dissolve the Plymouth brand. A longer model of the Plymouth Voyager, called the Grand Voyager, was introduced in 1987 together with a longer wheelbase model of the Dodge Caravan called the Dodge Grand Caravan.

Through the years, Chrysler has given the Plymouth Voyager a couple of redesigns. Along with these redesigns are brand new and innovative features that were totally non-existent with the competing minivans from Ford and GM. Originally based on the Chrysler S platform, the Plymouth Voyager was shifted to the AS platform in 1992 and to the NS platform in 1996. Among the standard and optional features that each redesign has given is the all-wheel drive system, the extended-length trim, the side sliding door and the seats with rollers for easy removal, all firsts in the minivan category. When the vehicle was last manufactured in 2000, it was available with a choice of either a 3.0-liter V6 or a 3.3-liter V6, coupled with a 4-speed automatic transmission with overdrive.

As would be expected for the first vehicle of its kind, the first production runs of the Plymouth Voyager produced minivans of unrefined and inferior quality. But all of these problems were answered effectively for the succeeding models, especially after the 1992 and 1996 redesigns. The Plymouth Voyager is noted for its smooth and superior steering and handling capabilities that is more like a large sedan than a small van. Despite this car-like qualities, one can be assured that the Plymouth Voyager would provide the passenger and cargo space expected for its size, as well as the power necessary to drive the vehicle with the loads its large interior would allow.

A highly refined vehicle like the Plymouth Voyager needs only a few additional Plymouth Voyager parts to make it perform at its best. However, one needs a replacement or a performance Plymouth Voyager part every now and then, and this seems to be a problem since the Plymouth Voyager is no longer in production today. Many settle with Dodge Caravan parts as the two are closely similar, but to be assured of utmost performance, one must strive to find the exact Plymouth Voyager automotive parts they need. Here at Parts Train, we make this a lot easier because our website offers a complete range of Plymouth Voyager mechanical and body parts that is instantly available whenever you need one.