Plymouth Sundance Parts & Accessories

The Plymouth Sundance was an affordable car, but never gave a hint that it was among the poorly made economy cars of the period. It was an entry-level car, but its characteristics did not show any cheap or poor performance. And though it never became as popular and successful as the historic Plymouth Valiant, the Plymouth Scamp has many things to offer that makes it more than the ordinary. The Plymouth Scamp proves that it's not your ordinary and affordable Plymouth car.

Chrysler introduced the Plymouth Sundance to the North American car market in 1987. Together with the identical Dodge Shadow, the two are supposed to replace the aging Dodge Omni and Plymouth Horizon pair, although the two ended up being sold alongside with their predecessors for a couple more years. But the Plymouth Sundance is a different car from the Plymouth Horizon altogether. While the Horizon was based on the Chrysler L-body platform, the Plymouth Sundance was based on the new Chrysler P-body platform.

The Plymouth Sundance was supposed to be an economy car, but when it was sold together with the more affordable Plymouth Horizon, the model ended up being priced higher. The car was generally wider in wheelbase and longer in over-all length than its predecessor and was fitted with a larger and heavier body. It was introduced only as a 4-door hatchback but a 2-door hatchback body style was also offered later in its debut year. Initially offered only with a single engine, a 93hp 2.2-liter I4, more engines were introduced in succeeding years like the 100 hp 2.5 liter I4 and a turbocharged version of the said engine producing 150 horsepower. All engine options were coupled with a 5-speed manual transaxle while a 3-speed automatic shift was available as an option.

While the Plymouth Sundance may not be the best sporty car of choice, it does not perform like the common economy car. The 2.2-liter engine performs well, amidst the noise that it creates, while the 2.5-liter engine would provide a smoother ride. The suspension is firm and sporty, although it may feel a bit bumpy on rough terrains. It also has a good range of equipments that most economy cars are void of.

Although void of a lot of amenities and lacking in mechanical refinement, the Plymouth Sundance is definitely worth a look considering its affordable price. If you want to make it perform better, however, it is advisable that you equip it with high quality and high performance Plymouth Sundance parts. Here at Parts Train, we have every Plymouth Sundance part that you will need to make your car perform better. Our finely made Plymouth Sundance automotive parts will surely give your car the refinement it needs to have.