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Generally, a concept car is but a designer's idea or imagination of what a production car would be or look like. Most of the time, the concept car is a far cry from what the production car really is, while some other concept car wouldn't totally make it to the production stage. But Chrysler has proven that a concept car can really be a production car, and they have done it not once but twice. First, they did it with the Dodge Viper, and later they became successful with the Plymouth Prowler.

While the actual production of the Plymouth Prowler began only in 1997, its concept has been around since 1993, and the idea behind the car's design existed way back in 1990. The idea first came out in 1990 at Chrysler's Pacifica Design Center and the style was called the "hot rod-style retro car". In 1991, the name "Prowler" was first used to refer to the idea, and in 1992, a model or representation of the car was slowly being put to being. In 1993, the concept car first appeared in the Detroit International Auto Show, and it will appear in the show for three more years before the car was officially released as a production model in 1997. The Plymouth Prowler was in production until 2000 when it ended along with the Plymouth brand. But the Prowler would go on for two more years, but no longer as a Plymouth but as the Chrysler Prowler.

No one expected that the production model Plymouth Prowler would be as exciting as the concept car. But to the surprise of many, the Plymouth Prowler which was produced in limited numbers in 1997 actually looked like the concept car in the Detroit International Show, with most of the concept car's part intact in the production model. It was only the second Chrysler car to have achieved this, the first being the Dodge Viper. Nonetheless, the Plymouth Prowler remains to be known as the first factory-built hot rod.

The Plymouth Prowler was a technical success for the Chrysler-Plymouth division, not only because much of the concept car's parts were retained, but also they were able to successfully introduce a new method of producing a car. One will notice that the Plymouth Prowler is extremely lightweight for its size, and this is because of the extensive use of aluminum for its body parts. And though it cannot boast of extremely powerful engines, the 235 hp 3.5-liter V6 engine is enough to make this lightweight car roar into acceleration.

The Plymouth Prowler would undoubtedly be the best car when both styling and performance is placed into consideration. And it can perform even better if it is properly maintained and equipped with high performance Plymouth Prowler parts. Here at Parts Train, we have every Plymouth Prowler part one would need to keep his car in top shape.