Plymouth Horizon Parts & Accessories

The Plymouth Horizon was the first car of its kind to be manufactured in America, a front-wheel drive car. And the new concept became an instant hit and sold well in its first few years. In fact, the car saved the Chrysler Corporation from succumbing to bankruptcy. But the car was never perfect, and such imperfection became obvious as years went by, forcing Chrysler to eventually drop the car in its line-up and replace it with a new one.

The Plymouth Horizon is a front wheel drive car introduced by the Plymouth-Chrysler division of the Chrysler Corporation in 1978. It was America's first locally produced front-wheel drive car, and Chrysler's first design using the metric system. It was introduced together with its Dodge twin, the Dodge Omni, which, by the way, never outsold the Plymouth Horizon in the twin's entire production history. Initially, the Plymouth Horizon and the Dodge Omni was available only in the hatchback, four-door sedan body style. It was a small, light-weight car whose style resembled the larger Plymouth models that Chrysler have manufactured in the past, and which are still popular among car buyers during that time. In the succeeding years, different body styles and versions for the Horizon/Omni appeared, including an upscale coupe body style. Due to the popularity of the style, many other Chrysler cars with a basic design and architecture like the Plymouth Horizon appeared in the succeeding years, being sold side by side with the Horizon and the Omni. The Plymouth Horizon was finally dropped from the Chrysler car line-up in 1990 and was replaced by the Plymouth Sundance.

Overall, the Plymouth Horizon is a good car, with a few downsides in performance and in design flaws. On the positive side, the Plymouth Horizon offers a roomy interior for its small size. Fuel economy coupled with an affordable price also worked well for the car in attracting a lot of car buyers. But being the first of its kind to be ever manufactured in America, the Plymouth Horizon has design flaws that resulted to poor engine performance. The front-wheel drive design also put much of its weight on the front, causing its rear to swivel on hard maneuvers and the car would easily get out of control.

Another design flaw with the Plymouth Horizon is its cramped engine compartment. The overcrowded compartment makes it difficult for Horizon car owners to properly keep their car in good condition and replace its aging parts with new Plymouth Horizon parts. Now you don't want to replace a stock Plymouth Horizon part with a new one that would not function well, as it is extremely hard to install a new component in this car. Here at Parts Train, we don't offer these kinds of craps and would give you only Plymouth Horizon automotive parts of highest quality.