Plymouth Grand Voyager Parts & Accessories

With just one look at its name, a Chrysler vehicle fanatic would easily recognize that the Plymouth Grand Voyager refers to a minivan. And even without looking at the vehicle, he can tell you that the Grand Voyager is not just an ordinary minivan, but also one that stands on an extended wheelbase length. Conventions used by Chrysler in naming their minivans have made it easier for one to recognize that a vehicle is a long minivan even without looking at it.

The Plymouth Grand Voyager was a minivan introduced by the Plymouth division of Chrysler Corporation in 1988. It was not the sole vehicle of its kind when it was introduced. Based on the Chrysler S-body platform, it was introduced together with other Chrysler vehicles based on the same platform, like the Chrysler Town & Country and the Dodge Grand Caravan. And while all three were introduced during the same year, the other two Chrysler minivans lasted longer than the Plymouth version. While the other two are still currently under production, the Plymouth Grand Voyager was dropped from the line-up in 2001, a few years before Chrysler dissolved the Plymouth division.

As it was not the only vehicle of its kind when introduced, neither was it a new concept that Chrysler can really be proud of. Years earlier, a similar but shorter model was introduced and was called the Plymouth Voyager. In fact, the Plymouth Grand Voyager is essentially the same vehicle except that it stands on an extended wheelbase. Aside from the longer wheelbase, there basically was no difference between the two minivans. The two vehicles would share the same engines, body panels, body parts, mechanical parts and various other parts.

So what difference does vehicle with a longer wheelbase have over the same vehicle on a shorter wheelbase? On the positive side, the Plymouth Grand Voyager can offer you much interior room, enough to fill it with a lot of passengers, cargos, amenities, equipments and a lot of other stuffs. On the negative end, however, the Plymouth Grand Voyager is a lot heavier and larger than the shorter Plymouth Voyager. This means that you will consume more engine power in moving it, thus resulting to poor fuel economy and more harmful emissions. For the wider interiors, you'll also have to pay extra cash. And there's also the difficulty in parking and lane changing.

But among the three Chrysler minivans, the Plymouth Grand Voyager is the most affordable, so the added price you have to pay would not hurt you at all. And neither should the price of installing new and better Plymouth Grand Voyager parts should hurt you. Here at Parts Train, we offer a variety of Plymouth Grand Voyager automotive and mechanical parts that would help you make the minivan perform like its higher priced stable mates. We assure you that every Plymouth Grand Voyager part you see on our website are of premium quality so that it would be easy for you to make the vehicle perform better.