Plymouth Champ Parts & Accessories

With one look and a test drive, one can say that there is nothing new about the Plymouth Champ. It has a contemporary design common to the Plymouth brand and the Chrysler cars manufactured in the late 1970s. First, the car is affordable, just like any other Plymouth models. And second, it is a Japanese import; just like any other compact cars that Chrysler had been selling since it got a major stock hold in Mitsubishi Motors.

But the Plymouth Champ was rather introduced late in the US. After Chrysler got a major share in the Mitsubishi Motors in 1971, it has started importing renamed Japanese vehicles to the US. The imports started with the Mitsubishi Lancer based Dodge Colt, while Plymouth at that time is still on the losing end with the Plymouth Cricket, a less popular British import compared to the Japanese compact cars. But Plymouth got its share with the Japanese cars later with the Plymouth Arrow. And in 1979, the Plymouth Champ was finally introduced to North America.

The Plymouth Champ is a compact car imported by Chrysler in the US from 1979 to 1982. Japanese car manufacturer Mitsubishi Motors manufactured it and was similar to the Mitsubishi Mirage sold locally in Japan. Although it entered the US market just in 1979, the Plymouth Champ has been in production in Japan since 1974. It was only introduced in the US in 1979 to replace the Plymouth Arrow. When introduced in 1979, it was similar to the Dodge Colt, and actually was barely an economy class version of the Colt. The Plymouth Colt eventually replaced it in 1983.

Although priced affordably, the Plymouth Champ is a worthy replica of the similar but higher priced Dodge Colt and Mitsubishi Mirage. It performs as well as the other two, although the car is expected to be equipped with less standard equipments and the other two is expected to perform a bit better. And it is a real economy car, as it provides one of the best fuel mileage figures. Except for some brake and clutch problem, the Plymouth Champ is reliable in driving you from one location to another.

But with the brand new and high quality Plymouth Champ parts being offered now, like the various auto parts we offer on our website, the edge of the Dodge Colt and Mitsubishi Mirage over the Plymouth Champ is slowly fading. By installing the proper high performance part to your Plymouth Champ, like brakes, clutches, engines, transmissions and the like, the Plymouth Champ can perform just like any other cars that are priced higher. Here at Parts Train, we assure you that each and every Plymouth Champ part you can see on our website will make your car perform better.