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An affordable personal luxury car—well, the Plymouth Caravelle came short to be called one, but I don't think there's another car that came so close to the description. The Plymouth Caravelle was introduced to provide the budget-conscious car buyer a family sedan with comforts comparable to a luxury sedan but with a sticker price that is much lower. But the ordinary car buyer seems to want more from an affordable car than what the Caravelle can offer, and that dissatisfaction led to the car's end.

The Plymouth Caravelle name had actually long been used for a line-up of cars marketed by Chrysler in Canada. The said car was manufactured and sold in the 1970s and was similar to the Dodge Diplomat that was sold in the USA during the same period of time. The Canadian Plymouth Caravelle was given a restyle in 1983 and then became the Canadian counterpart of the Chrysler E-Class, a personal luxury car introduced in North America during the same year.

Two years after the redesigned Plymouth Caravelle was introduced in Canada, the name was also adopted for marketing in the US. Just like the Canadian model, the North American Plymouth Caravelle was patterned after the Chrysler E-Class. It was actually just a re-badged and repackaged Chrysler E-Class after the said car was resigned in 1985. It was based on the Chrysler "EEK" platform, an improved and extended version of the popular K platform used on previous Chrysler cars.

Unlike the early Plymouth Caravelle sold in Canada, the North American Plymouth Caravelle was a front-wheel drive car. Upon introduction, it was available with three engine options: 2.2-liter TBI, 2.2-liter Turbocharged and the Mitsubishi 2.6 liter engine. Another option, a 2.5-liter fuel injected engine, was introduced in 1986 that replaced the 2.6-liter unit. A similar car, and a more popular one, based on the same EEK body platform was the Dodge 600. And while priced lower than the Dodge version, the Plymouth Caravelle came equally equipped, with most of the popular options offered as standard equipments.

Apart from its comfortable and luxurious interiors, however, the Plymouth Caravelle performed poorly. Owners had a lot of trouble with its engine and a lot of its other mechanical parts. Luckily, such problems can be easily remedied now. Here at Parts Train, we provide every Plymouth Caravelle owner a convenient repertoire of high quality Plymouth Caravelle parts on the Internet. Just click on the link that pertains to the Plymouth Caravelle part that you need and the entire process of owning that auto part will be over in just a few minutes. Should you have any problem with our site or the automotive parts we offer, feel free to call us and we'll readily answer your call.