Peugeot 405 Parts & Accessories

After the mid-sized Peugeot 404, Peugeot 405 was released for the large family car class. While the 404 continued to be better choice as ideal commuting cars for families, the Peugeot 405 was made an excellent pick if you want a large car that accommodates your family members comfortably. When it came out in the automotive market, Peugeot has once again proved they have what it takes to be classified as one top car manufacturer. In fact, in its first year of production, the Peugeot 405 was voted as the “European Car of the year 1988”. Indeed, when Peugeot 405 became popular, families and consumers have the reason to choose amongst the trains of large family cars available in the automotive market.

This Peugeot model provides features and specifications needed in a large family car. It was introduced in the market with available designs and styles of saloon and station wagon. In 1987, Peugeot was already prepared to unveil all 10 different versions of 405. They were simultaneously released as 1988 models. Choices of two versions, left-hand drive and right-hand drive were made available as front-wheel, rear-wheel, or four-wheel drive Peugeot 405. For these choices, consumers have a lot to expect in this line of family cars. Good thing, Peugeot never failed these expectations as their 405 was built with engines that make up for a more than understated performance.

Technologies and parts are also a thing that made these consumers be satisfied with their selection. There are the basic Peugeot 405 models that suited those personalities who do not really want over-specified, extravagant luxury characteristics. GL .6L 8-valve carbureted, GR 1.9L 110hp 8-valve engines were available. And sure enough, those expectants who preferred luxury feels in a car, Peugeot 405 luxury version was integrated with the gorgeous GLX 1.9L 8-valve turbo diesel engine. There are also the SR, SRi, GRi, and Mi16 versions of engines found on fuel-injected Peugeot 405 models. The T16, on the other hand, was Peugeot 405’s top of the line auto because of its 225hp 2.0L 16valve turbocharged XU10J4TE.

Unfortunately, as the trend goes in the automotive market, followers of a certain car make/model have to stop expecting its eternal production. They must give way to other successors, which most likely will come with grand characteristics. On the other hand, you don’t have to cry for this loss. If you own a Peugeot 405, you can still keep it running for longer years by way of maintaining it. Of course, this is made possible with the top quality Peugeot 405 parts and accessories available from Partstrain.