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The Oldsmobile brand's long line of achievement in the automobile industry has finally ended in 2004. This GM produced brand lasted for 107 years in the market, earning it the honor of being third in the list of America's oldest surviving automobile trademark. It is next only to Daimler and Peugeot in terms of longevity. Through the years it has produced some of the most recognizable car models that have earned their rightful spots in automobile history. Popular models include the Cutlass, Supreme, Ciera, 98, 88 and Toronado. These models were known to be revived and reintroduced in later years thru a different name. One of them is the Oldsmobile 98, which was eventually restored as the Oldsmobile Regency on 1997. The launch of the Oldsmobile Regency took over the previous luxury brand carried by the 98. For fifty years the 98 was the carrier of the brands luxury level. Being a cousin of the 98, the Regency continued its theme of design which includes a front bench seat, plenty of chrome trim and white-stripe tires. It also carried the same general list of equipment that is present in its cousin. The entry of the Regency in the market also marked the centennial celebration of the brand. Oldsmobile's centennial presence in the car industry has produced plenty of contributions for the development of the industry. It introduced plenty of "firsts" in terms of technology and design. The first speedometer was seen on an Oldsmobile. It was also the first to use chrome plating in a car. It introduced the public to the monoblock V8, and the Hydramatic Drive became the prototype of today's automatic transmission. In the safety department, Oldsmobile was the first to equip their cars with the driver's side airbag. It was even able to break a world record in the closed-course speed with the Oldsmobile Aerotech. It also holds the distinction of being the first carmaker to use a GPS-based navigation system. Other achievements include the fitting of panoramic windshields and automatic headlight dimmers on cars. A modern computer engine management system was first introduced on Oldsmobile's 1980 lines. Until 1990 the brand's 307 cubic inch V8 engine was able to meet emission standards even without the use of an electronic fuel injection. Oldsmobile was able to outdone itself until its late stages. In 2001 the Bravada SUV was the first truck to test its speed on the Indianapolis 500. This long list of achievement is evident in the Oldsmobile Regency. If you are looking for quality replacement parts for your Regency you can get them here at Parts Train. With our long list of products you will never have any trouble in finding hard-to-find auto parts.