Oldsmobile LSS Parts & Accessories

It was always a challenge combining luxury, elegance and sporty performance in a single car. But the Oldsmobile division of General Motors proves that this can be done, and they actually did with the Oldsmobile LSS. The Oldsmobile LSS combines the sporty performance of a sports sedan with the opulence of a luxury car. Designed for the young European market, the car also showcases stylishness unique among the American made cars. But contrary to the belief of some, the Oldsmobile LSS is not an entirely new car but a derivative of the older Oldsmobile 88.

The LSS name first appeared as a trim level or as a special package for the Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight. In 1996, however, the trim became a separate model and was independently called the Oldsmobile LSS. Amidst being a separate car model, the Oldsmobile LSS, along with the other Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight derivatives, shows a lot of similarity with the original car. The car was still based on the GM H-body platform and stands on the same 110.8 in wheelbase length. Other parts were also shared with the Eighty-Eight and other related cars.

While similar in architecture and most of its parts were shared with the other Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight variants, the Oldsmobile LSS has a lot of features and characteristics to call its own. The Oldsmobile is designated as the luxury sports sedan model of the Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight, and as a luxury trim, it is expected to be better equipped compared to the other variants. Aimed towards the young and sporty male European car buyer, the LSS was accented with European styling so that it can compete better with the other European sedans. The Oldsmobile LSS also comes with a lot of interior features neither present nor available to the other Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight models.

Another thing that sets the Oldsmobile LSS apart from the group is its performance. While it shares the same 205 hp 3.8-liter V6 engine with the rest of the Oldsmobile Eighty-eight group, a supercharged version of the said engine rated at 240 hp is available exclusively for the Oldsmobile LSS. Later, the supercharged V6 became the standard engine for the model. A sport-tuned suspension also gave the car a superior steering and handling capability.

The Oldsmobile LSS proves true the fact that better equipped cars perform better. So if you have to replace any of the parts that your car is originally equipped with, make sure that the parts you will install are equally capable and of equivalent quality. Here at Parts Train, we maintain a complete and comprehensive catalog of high quality and high performance Oldsmobile LSS parts so that your car's performance won't be degraded. We assure you that every Oldsmobile LSS part you'll find here in our easy to navigate site are DOT-approved and have passed the highest quality and safety standards.