Oldsmobile Delta 88 Parts & Accessories

There has been many Oldsmobile 88 cars manufactured by General Motors, but by far, the Oldsmobile Delta 88 is probably the most popular. It first appeared as an upscale trim of another Oldsmobile 88 model but later became the sole model of the brand. And years after the Delta 88 name was dropped, people would still refer to the Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight as the Oldsmobile Delta 88.

The Delta name for the Oldsmobile 88 first appeared in 1965 as an upscale trim level for the Oldsmobile Dynamic 88. The said trim level was dropped in 1967 to become the Delta Custom package for the Oldsmobile Delmont 88. When the Delmont 88 name was dropped in 1969, the Oldsmobile Delta 88, now an independent and the sole model of the Oldsmobile 88 line, replaced it. An upscale model called the Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale was also introduced in the same year.

Aside from being the most popular, the Oldsmobile Delta 88 must be the model that lasted the longest for the Oldsmobile 88 line of cars. Officially introduced as a car model in 1969, the Oldsmobile Delta 88 was in production until 1988, when the Delta name was dropped the following year and the line-up was simply called the Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight. For much of these twenty years, the Delta 88 was based on the GM B-body platform, although a downsized version of the platform was used from 1977 onwards. It was also in 1977 that the car came in two body styles: the usual coupe and the new town sedan body style. In 1986, the Oldsmobile Delta 88 was further downsized and used the smaller GM H-body platform.

The Oldsmobile Delta 88 is an old car and if you are interested in having one, you can probably consult friends who have them or who knows someone who owns one. You cannot find a new unit, though, as the last unit that came off the assembly line was manufactured way back in 1988. But being old doesn't mean that the car wouldn't perform well. The car is known to be a reliable one and boasts of a power unimaginable for a small car like it. Powered with either a V6 or a V8 engine, the car can haul just about any amount of loads its body can handle. And the car also shows off a decent fuel mileage, good enough for a car manufactured in its time.

Powerful, reliable and efficient it may be, the Oldsmobile Delta 88 is still an old car and it is better to give it a thorough repair before using it again. The Oldsmobile Delta 88 parts you can find in this website may be of great use as you repair and restore this old car. We can guarantee you that every Oldsmobile Delta 88 part you'll find here on our website have passed thorough inspections and quality control tests.