Oldsmobile Aurora Parts & Accessories

The Oldsmobile brand of cars could not have lasted until 2004 if General Motors have not changed its image. Before 1995, Oldsmobile cars were what their name suggests: old, conservative and unadventurous. The brand and style would usually suggest that Oldsmobile cars were the same cars used by our fathers and grandfathers. But all of these perceptions changed when General Motors introduced the Oldsmobile Aurora.

General Motors introduced the Oldsmobile Aurora in 1994 as an early 1995 model. It was a completely new car that did not use or borrow any of the parts or designs used on previous Oldsmobile model. It was a front-wheel drive 4-door luxury sedan whose chassis is based on the Cadillac-derived G-body platform, which was also used by the 2-door Buick Riviera. Only a single model was manufactured and sold from introduction until the end of its first generation. This model was equipped with a V8 engine coupled with a 4-speed automatic transmission and was well commended for its smooth and powerful performance.

The Oldsmobile Aurora was dropped from the Oldsmobile model line-up in 1999 only to re-appear as a brand new and highly redesigned model for the 2001 model year. The second-generation Oldsmobile Aurora was based on a new, less-expensive and shorter G-body platform. This time, the car was entered in the "entry-level luxury" category, making it more affordable compared to its foreign competitors, including the European BMW and Mercedes-Benz, and other Japanese car models. The 4.0-liter V8 engine was still available but a new engine in the 3.5-liter V6 was introduced. The second-generation Oldsmobile Aurora was produced and sold until 2003, a year before General Motors officially dropped the entire Oldsmobile line-up.

Placed in the entry-level luxury category, the Oldsmobile was highly competitive against its higher priced European and Japanese rivals. Even the first-generation Aurora, which was placed in the prestige-level luxury category, was successful in competing with its foreign competitors. Performance was also commendable, with the car accelerating briskly and moving smoothly and its interior being the one of the best you can find in the said categories.

But General Motors didn't design the Oldsmobile Aurora to perform well with substandard parts. This means that your Oldsmobile Aurora may not perform as it is expected to if you equip it with parts of poor quality. Here at Parts Train, we offer a wide selection of high quality and high performance Oldsmobile Aurora parts that are guaranteed to keep your car in top shape. Every Oldsmobile Aurora part you'll find here on our website are guaranteed to have passed the strictest DOT standards and the strict quality standards that we ourselves have set for our products.