Nissan Versa Parts & Accessories

Nissan is Japan's second largest car manufacturer. Best known for producing power performing vehicles, it has been included among the World's 10 Best Engines list for 12 consecutive years. In line with keeping up with the competitive North American car market, the company introduced the Nissan Versa in 2004. This subcompact car is loosely designed after the Nissan Tiida model in Japan and Australia. The Versa replaced the Sentra in the entry-level car market. This car is available in 4-door sedan and 5-door hatchback. The Nissan Versa is applauded for its universal appeal. The exterior design is highlighted by bold body lines which gives the car a striking presence and creates more interior space. It offers spacious passenger area and a wide storage space than its competitors. It has a short nose and the engine is uniquely covered underneath. The tail lights' wraparound design and distinctive halogen headlights creates bright illumination while offering a modern look. The king-size seats are comfortably equipped with sculptured panels. Plush lower seats are made of double-thick foam which gives cushion. The interior is elegantly designed, which makes this entry-level car looks like a luxury vehicle inside. Great power, control and fuel efficiency can be found in Nissan Versa. It is fully equipped with a 1.8 liter 4-cylinder engine capable of producing 122 hp with a 6-speed manual transmission- truly a speed machine. You can also opt for the 4-speed automatic transmission with its smooth transition created by electronically controlled shifting. This car is also fuel efficient, easily achieved by the lockup torque converter. It can go with 30 mpg fuel consumption in city driving and 36 mpg for highway driving. It is also tech-savvy, offering the option of Bluetooth connectivity which is a first for its class. Nissan cars are known for their safety features. The Versa is no exception. The advanced air bag system is highly capable of providing utmost safety during high impact. If you have a child on the front seat, the front passenger air bag can be turned off by means of the occupant classification sensor. Versa has active head restraints on the front which moves forward during rear collision. This is highly helpful because it reduces occurrence of whiplash injuries for front seat passengers. Considered to be an excellent road gem, Nissan Versa is truly a cut above the rest. Parts Train offers high quality replacement parts for your Nissan Versa. You can check our web site to view our comprehensive line of products. Order now and get discounted prices. It is truly an amazing offer, surely you can't refuse.