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One of the extinct vehicles Nissan produced is their oldest version of their Nissan Vans. The company started making this kind of vehicles to make up with the demands of consumers as to finding a car that's good for a big number of passengers. It's a good ride for group outings, family vacations, and many more activities involving not just a lot of persons joined in for the ride, but also good if you have to bring heavy baggage and other stuffs. It is also used to transport commuters like minibuses and is good at mobile businesses carrying almost the whole business to various places. Nissan Vans are vehicles generally box-shaped on four wheels, a little taller and higher off ground from large automobiles but has the same width and length with it. Its design is based to a saloon or sedan car, and also, there is a latter including derivative with open backs or what you call the pick up style. After Nissan ended manufacturing Nissan Vans for years now, they came up with a new minivan model line up as replacement for the typical vans around. This was also to make do with the idea of selling it cheaper because it is smaller. Right? A few of the popular line up includes the Nissan Serena, Nissan Axxess, Nissan Armada, and the Nissan Quest. Nissan Axxess never caught on in the United States but sold dozens around the world with its global version named "Prairie". It is actually a successor of a small van called the Multi. Today, finding this type of Nissan make is not that easy since it went out of production back in 1995, although its parts still available widely. So far, in the present the most popular and the most in demand model is the Nissan Quest. The perfect vehicle for those who longs for a minivan to run like a sports car, but of course it doesn't really go as fast as real race cars, except that it does go smooth on curbs and turns without hassles. The newest and already has started selling model of Nissan vans is the Nissan Cube Centric / Nissan Circa 2006. In the United States, it is scheduled to be imported by 2006 although in Japan and some parts of the world, this vehicle is available for market. This car looks like a little boxcar, cute and cuddly, and is partly a minivan and partly a compact car. It's very spacious and has three rows of chair like seats with great outward visibility. This is a model to look forward to. Here in the Parts Train site, you can check out better information about the mentioned Nissan makes and models. Not only that, if you are looking for parts for your Nissan Vans and other type of vehicle, we have good choices for you. Continue browsing and you'll realize that we have everything you need for car wrecks, modification parts and other must have components, because Parts Train is your no. 1 source of high quality parts for better performing cars.