Nissan Stanza Parts & Accessories

Built in Hiratsuka, Japan and Oppama, Japan, the Nissan Stanza was introduced in 1977 and is a twin to the A10 Nissan Auster and Nissan Violet. Some says that the first model of the Nissan Stanza was called the Bluebird sedan when it was first produced at Japan. Having a plan to expand their sales, the well-established Datsun (Nissan) Company considered selling it in the United States. However, back at US there was this Bus Company trademarked as Bluebird too, so for lack of a better name, the Nissan Bluebird then was renamed as the Datsun 510. Datsun 510's first major redesign was done year 1964 where it had a new stylish body designed by Pininfaria but still has the same aging powerplant. Then not long after, it was again redesigned and was equipped with a 1595cc 96hp OHC 4 cylinder engine. With these equipments, the Datsun 510 became popularly known as one of the world's first sports sedans. It was patronized by lots of autocross enthusiasts that up to the present, the Datsun 510 is still used in some autocross meets. But due to the same problems with other cars such as the gas price increase, the Datsun 510 suffered making its smaller counterpart, the Datsun 210 gain its popularity. Datsun Company needed to make changes to its line of models to improve its state then; they ended up building a new improved 510 and was called the 1982 Nissan Stanza. This was said to be the first Nissan having a non-numerical name, it was powered by a 2.0 litre CA20 engine and produces 94hp. Nissan Stanza was then available as a sedan and a hatchback setup, and a mini-wagon came in 1986. Besides the idea that during the Stanza's production, its performance was quite good compared to its competitors because of its engine, its selling points also includes its reliability. Many changes were done with the Nissan Stanza the following years just to catch up with the other new car models from other brands, making sure that the Nissan car line-up isn't so much left behind. In 1988, Nissan released an improved design of the Stanza, still having its old name as the Bluebird in Japan, it was now powered by a 2.0 litre SR20DE producing 140hp and a torque of 132lb-ft. It was again redesigned with a back end and with the KA24E engine and was released in America. This new design gave a drastic change having 41more horsepower and had a much sleeker appearance but still having a spacious interior. These improvements didn't stop there. With the new changes they gave the Nissan Stanza it still didn't reach the expected mark that the Nissan hoped for, and not long, the Stanza dropped its profits, meaning, the Nissan engineers must again think on how to save the model. With a new style and a more powerful engine, the new Nissan Stanza came out in the market with its new name, the Nissan Altima. Although, the Nissan Company didn't completely eliminated the old name and somehow still exists in the market in some parts of the world.