Nissan Sentra Parts & Accessories

Originally introduced in 1895, the Nissan Sentra is Nissan's entry-level sedan. This car offers value-conscious trims having unique style and feel, and a very good performance oriented trims. Designed primarily for the North America, and was built in Nissan's plant at Aguascalientes, Mexico. The Nissan Sentra is a little compact car, and is known to serve you faithfully through many years. One of the prominent reasons why consumers choose Sentra over the rest besides the idea that it's not that exciting to look at is the fact that the Nissan Sentra is available in an affordable price, comfortable, cheap operation and along the years Nissan has always been a legend in reliability and durability. Nissan Sentra comes with either the 1.8 Liter engine or a 2.5 Liter engine. Nissan has always been proud of having the cleanest gas powered vehicle in the world, especially if your choice is the 1.8 Liter one. Its emissions so low that Sentra once receive an EPA SULEV, which was a special rating reserved only for super low emission vehicles. Not only that, the Nissan Sentra comes with four disk brakes that helps distribute the heat so that the brakes work more proficiently than that of a traditional drum brakes. The latest change in Nissan Sentra includes a revamped front and rear appearance done for the year 2004. Both designs is now available with a choice between a 5 speed manual transmission or the 4 speed automatic. The other design, the SE-R and Spec-V have sport suspensions and 16- to 17- inches wheels, respectively, while the rests has 15 inches steel wheels. This sporty appearance package also offers a rear spoiler, fog lights, and leather-rim steering wheels. Front and side airbags are now optional. The Spec V on the other hand shows specific exterior and interior trim, sport seats, and is available with Brembo-brand brakes. Every model at present gets a new upholstery fabric and are available with the 1.8 S and a cruise control and trip computer as standard equipped. News says that Sentra is scheduled to be redesigned again in the coming summer of 2005 and is expected to be a bit larger than the last one since they plan to make a smaller design in 2007. The best cars need the best parts, and we all know where we'll find that, only here at Parts Train. We have a large stock of quality products that are highly recommended in keeping your car in good condition and make it last longer than you could ever imagine. Parts Train offers you a wide variety of Nissan car parts for all designs and other needs that you might be looking for. Feel free to surf around and we know you won't regret it.