Nissan Quest Parts & Accessories

For people who wish their minivan is a sports car, the Nissan Quest is the best for you. The same with the Nissan 350Z and Infiniti G35, the Nissan Quest also carries the same superior V6 engine but it only runs with 240 hp and delivers 18 miles per gallon to 25 mpg. Having five-speed transmission makes it smooth and crisp enough to be compared to a sports sedan. It can even tow up to 3,500 pounds.

The Nissan Quest originally was introduced in 1993; this is Nissan's second venture in the minivan market. It is actually built in a joint project with the Ford Motor Company where they sell a rebadged version named as the Mercury Villager. The latest model of Quest was featured in the 1998 Chicago Auto Show, which still follows the same mainstream of its previous minivan designs.

Spacious back seats, and thanks to its short overhangs the room is a lot more comfortable compared to any other minivans there is. The wide track not only improves the ride, handling and stability, it also provides more interior space. There's so much legroom found in the third row where you can only find in the front seat of the usual sport-utility vehicles. An optional "skyview" ceiling and its big panels of glass gives the whole vehicle an openness feeling. The seats are fantastic, having unusual design appearance similar to airline seats and far less bulky than normal.

Safety is not a question for the Nissan Quest for it has the best features for this line. With side-curtain air bags for all three rows of seats, an electronic stability control, traction control, antilock brakes with front-rear distribution and brake assist, what could you still ask for? It even has a tire- pressure monitor and side-air bags are optional.

The sliding doors were 4 inches wider than the others making it easier to get in and out of the car. Its remote controlled too, imagine what fun you can do with that. Nissan Quests exterior styling is as great as a minivan can be, with the familiar broad arch to the roof line, and the low-and-wide stance clearly evident really makes it look hot.

Now, maintain your unique Nissan Quest minivan and install in parts that would make your vehicle performance great. Don't worry about where to get the parts; Parts Train holds quality stocks that were taken straight from the manufacturers so you will be ensured of the best class of parts at reasonable prices.