Nissan Pickup Parts & Accessories

Nothing beats Nissan's Pickup performance. It is the type of pickup that you can expect to carry heavy loads, go off-road, and do construction jobs without worrying about the truck's comfort, its style or reliability. Nissan Pickup Truck's designs was done with the effort of Nissan Japan and US design centers and was finalize and made by the NDI in California. Changes in the products evolution was based of course o the specific needs and tastes of the clients, some of the basic elements that they take credit on are the compact size, the vehicle's durability with its value remaining the same. Nissan continued to improve their Pickup models, in handling, ruggedness and in the comfort of the driver and the passengers. Included in its lineup are: The King Cab Deluxe 2 Door Extended Cab in Nissan's 1985 Pickup. It's a two wheel rear drive with an engine of a 2.4L 4 cylinder 103 horsepower gas, seatbelts found in the front shoulder, having a five speed manual OD vehicle transmission and a six feet truck bed. Owners of this model say this truck is very reliable, thrifty and really is a fast pickup. The 1986 Nissan Pickup stands for years for it is known to satisfy the user with the service it provides. With its original engine, the vehicle has 280,000 miles on it. Rebuilding it would surely help in its performance, but that is not much needed for this truck still gets 27 MPG. Taking good care of this will make it last longer and you are assured you'll never regret it for this truck will bring you anywhere in good condition and will give you back your care done. The Nissan Pickup 2 Wheel Drive in 1987 is a model pickup with two or more doors and runs 112,439 miles. It was said to have an automatic transmission, a 4 cylinder engine with CD player and Air Conditioning optional. Owners still find joy in driving this type of vehicle considering its age. This vehicle is also cheap and in fact gives low maintenance in contrast to some of the other types of cars. 1991 Nissan Pickup is a very reliable truck. With a little modification on the hood, upgrade the engine, fix the air intake and this will really make your vehicle look great. When maintained at good condition, you will be able to depend on this truck for a very long time. Its original engine is a 2.4L Inline 4 with a four speed automatic and in five speed manual that is available in four wheel or two wheel drive. One of the best vehicles in Nissan's Pickup line up is the 1992 Nissan Pickup which is built with a good A/C. Recommended for any person looking for a good truck to work or hunt with, or even play with. You can try the vehicle to over 200K miles and it still can go further. There had been so many other models of Nissan Pickup after this. This includes the Nissan Pathfinder, Nissan Titan, Nissan Frontier, and a lot more that really catapulted Nissan back to its place in the automotive industry. Browse around and find information about the rest of the lineup.