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Produced as replacement to the Nissan Pulsar NX, the Nissan NX first appeared in 1991 as a two-door hatchback coupe body style. It was available in two engines: the NX 2000 bears a 140 horsepower, twin cam 2.0 litre 4 cylinder which is also found in the Sentra SE-R model and the Infiniti G20 sedan, it also has a firmer sport suspension, bigger wheels and tires, rear disc brakes and limited-slip differential; while the NX 1600 carried a 1.6 litre four with 110 horsepower, rear spoiler and fog lights are optional. Both models have a standard 5-speed manual transmission with a 4 automatic speed optional. The NX model was called in different names; some regard it as the Nissan NX Coupe, others as the Nissan 100NX. While the Nissan NX 2000's tag name on the car appears as NX2K. Not everyone knows what a Nissan NX looks like since Nissan didn't produce much of this design, probably because its sales were low that the production ceased in 1993. For added information, others find it as an egg or froglike in appearance. Of course, both models differ in performance depending on the engine and transmission used. Through some road test, the Nissan NX, especially the one with the 1600 engine has easy-shifting manual therefore is decent and safe to use onto fast-moving expressways. Gas mileage is great and the optional antilock braking in the NX 2000 handles with good control. Its interior, specifically front well shaped bucket seat embraces the driver and even a 6-footer could find good leg room and sufficient head room. An impact of being different separates Nissan NX from any other car in the market. The fact that only a few people own this unique car really makes it cool to have one. Most reviews takes credit on the cars amazing handling especially on curves at high speed. It sits low, with a quite rigid suspension, which in a way helps it corner and hug the road well. Driver oriented interior add up to the comfy experience you'll feel inside when driving this ride. It also has T-tops which you can remove, great during summer. This model is recommended because overall, it is a good car, perfect for those who are looking forward a great driving experience. But remember, the Nissan NX is made as a sports car, not a family car. For your Nissan NX parts need, always remember to get your parts from the best and on the top producers of high quality parts... only at Parts Train where they give you the widest variety of parts for all types of car models. Satisfy your need, get your parts at Parts Train now.