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Nissan Micra Nissan is famous for introducing innovations in the automobile industry. The supermini market is one of the area in which Nissan was able to put a stronghold by the production of the Nissan March. Launched in 1982, the March is popularly known as Nissan Micra in the European and North American market. Its original frame name is K10 and it was primarily manufactured to give the Honda City a run for its money. Changes and modifications followed and paved the way for the creation of the K11 (1992-2002) and the present Micra frame name, the K12.

The first Micra was equipped with the original March Turbo/MA10ET, wherein the turbocharger was grafted to a 1.0 L engine. An electronically controlled carburetor was also introduced along with the 5-door hatchback model. Known for its durability, the Micra chassis spawned a lot of variations. The K11 followed it up with a 1.3 L DOHC 16 valve engine, power steering options, and innovative security features such as seat belts and airbags.

The current and third generation Micra stayed true to the Car of the Year award that its predecessor got. From the moment you lay eyes on its interior design, you will immediately notice the great difference from the earlier models. The front of the honeycomb mesh is designed with a longer straight silver bar grille. The bumper has a curvier front design with rubbing strips and clear grille-mounted indicator lenses. The roof is higher and makes loading and unloading hassle-free. It has a spacious interior and provides comfortable movement.

Nissan Micra is quite easy to maneuver because its compact size provides for light steering on tight corners. There are a variety of engines to choose from. It gives you the option of choosing the perfect speed limit and engine performance. The car comes with an intelligent key system and is available in five trim levels. You can select from three body styles — 3-doors, 5-doors, and convertibles. Nissan Micra is equipped with state of the art safety equipments.

The Nissan Micra has indeed come a long way since its entry in the supermini car genre. Whether you are driving an old model or the newest line, here at Parts Train we assure you that we can give you quality replacement parts for your Nissan Micra. We also provide all sorts of performance kits and accessories for all makes and models. Avoid the trouble and shop online for an easier and convenient shopping experience that you can get only here at Parts Train. Order now!