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Before having its own name, Nissan Maxima started out as a six-cylinder version of the Nissan Bluebird. It is included in the line of mid-sized sports sedans that descended from the Datsun 810, powered by a 2.4 liter inline-6 engine of a Datsun 240z, which were all rear-wheel drives, debuted in 1981 and continuously being produced in the present. The first front-wheel drive Maxima was introduced in the fall of 1984, and was available with a 157 hp 3.0 L V6 VG30E engine and a 4-speed automatic or 5-speed manual transmission. Thus by 1988, we saw the end of the Maxima station wagons which had been presented since the Datsun 810 time. After this, a change again occurred with the Maxima in 1989 and was known as the J30 model or the 4DSC (Four-Door Sports Car) which even had a decal window. This featured a 160 hp with a 3.0 L V6. These models had very sharp-looking body-styles with its arch on the rear quarter windows, commented to be the best looking Maxima in its line up. In 1992 it was then available with a 190 hp VE30DE engine in 1992, and was introduced as the Maxima SE model which was the best value in high performance four door speed and the best Q-ship available for driving quickly. It was then redesigned in 1995 as the A32, by then it runs in a 190 hp 3.0 L V6 with a new VQ30De engine option. The exterior was also refreshed in 1997 having its rear suspension replaces with a cheaper torsion bar solid axle. Preserving the arch window, by the year 2000 a new refreshed Maxima came and were designed at Nissan's La Jolla, California design studio. The great deal about this new design was that it carries a 222 hp 3.0 L VQ30DE engine. On its 20th Anniversary in 2001, the designed got an increase of five horsepower and other twists where when 2002 came, the whole lineup was replaced with a 3.5 L VQ35DE that produces 255 hp. The latest generation of the Maxima by year 2004 shares its platform with the Nissan Altima, while a smaller Maxima from 2003 was sold in the Asia-Pacific region which was based on the Nissan Teana. In other markets, the Maxima are being sold as the Nissan Cefiro, still having the platform of the Altima instead of the stretched FF-L used in the US-marketed Maximas. If the other models focus more on comfort, the US line of cars is known for the balance between sport and luxury. If you're looking for a Nissan Maxima part, always remember that the best source for the highest quality product only comes from Parts Train, continuously offering you great deals for the best performing Nissan Maxima parts with all the convenience possible.