Nissan Armada Parts & Accessories

Nissan Armada

Have fun driving together with the people you love without worrying of space, safety and comfort. Stuff as many people or cargoes as you can without affecting the comfort of your passengers. Go now and take control of the steering wheel of the power packed Nissan Armada. Still fresh and hot, Nissan Armada is introduced in 2004 as a sports utility vehicle with eight passenger seating capacity and 9,100 pound maximum towing power. With its versatile features and performance, any application can be handled with much ease and precession.

Power needed to achieve optimum function of the auto parts and accessories' making up the car is supplied by the 5.6-liter DOHC 32-valve V8 engine which has one of the highest standard and horsepower supply. The tuned engine is improved to produce305 horsepower and 385 lb-ft torque meant to match the top rated towing capacity. The well-built features can be readily seen by the naked eye which includes the aluminum engine block matched with cast iron cylinder liners, micro finished forged steel crankshaft and camshafts, chain-equipped dual overhead camshafts together with single stage timing chain, electronic drive by wire throttle and firm pistons with graphite coating.

The exterior design exudes an aura of stability and responsiveness as shown by the well-matched combination of long wheelbase and over-all length accentuated with muscular fender and domineering wheels and tires The fresh styling fused with the car's performance and capability makes it a stand-out from among its class. The massive hood, bumpers and body panels are adorned with body grilles that go with the color tone of the car, chrome polished front door handles, running boards for easy entry and exit, dual side mirrors equipped with power adjustable features and power rear lift gate that can be easily operated.

The same aura of freshness and style are reflected by the car's interior features as shown by the elegant line up of seats clad in authentic leather, buttons and controls, entertainment components, storage bins and cup holders and various accessories mounted on easy to reach positions.