Nissan Altima Parts & Accessories

Carving out its own uniqueness from the rest of the lineups of cars, Nissan Altima has reached its identity being unobtrusive, understated and is an especially good value. Along with those characteristics, Nissan Altima offers convenience and comfortable features that makes it a small luxury sedan. Thus these characteristics made the Altima sell well when it was introduced and still continues to be good in the market at present, this must be one reason for giving Nissan a positive impact on the company's fortunes in the powerfully competitive world of automotive in the American market.

With the designs of the California-based design team, they were able to come up with a look that is far from the usual avant-garde West Coast design that is so often used. The Nissan Altima is quiet and with efficient appeal. With a rounded nose unadorned, no excessive bright works, the Altima is purely smooth and the tail neatly contoured with just the taillights as decoration. But don't think that it's not classy at all, in fact, with its shape, smooth contours and subtle modeling with the wrap over doors and a few bright trims around its windows plus the door handles carries a perfect touch of class.

The same with the larger Maxima, Altima also provides a comfy environment for four up to five passengers. The seats are upholstered with high-grade cloth, and are leather optional between the SE and GLE, a few of Altima's models. Like the other Nissan manufactured cars, the Altima also has a stylish cabin, and its standard instruments includes the speedometer, tachometer, and fuel and coolant gauges clearly marked with all controls from light switches for climate control making it easy to find and use.

Between the Altima designs the SE is slightly sportier and is said to be more fun to drive for it is uncommonly smooth probably because of its all-independent suspension. Besides that, the brakes and steering only requires minimal effort from the driver. Its engine too, goes about with little fuss since it is large enough and has sufficient power to deliver good performance for everyday rpm levels.

Having manual and automatic transmission, the Altima goes around with either of the two and so far, whichever is used the owners seems to be pleased with its performance. The Altima doesn't really need to offer a V6 engine for its standard engine already does a good job and is outstandingly economical to boot.

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